"COCOLO: 'Ukulele J-Ballads" By Herb Ohta, Jr.

Herb Ohta, Jr.
“Cocolo: ‘Ukulele J-Ballads”

Victor Entertainment, Inc. JAPAN
(VICP 64726)


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EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
PRODUCER(S): Herb Ohta, Jr. & DJ Pratt

Nathan Aweau: Bass, Piano, and Keyboards
Jon Yamasato: Guitar
Jon Porlas: Percussions
Ken Lykes: Keyboards

“Cocolo: ‘Ukulele J-Ballads” is my 3rd Japan only solo release. It was released in Japan back on June 24th 2009. But I will be bringing this compact disc to Hawai‘i and will only sell them on this website and at live performances. Take a listen to the MP3 samples.

“Tsunami” and “A Thousand Springs” were re-recorded for this particular project. I hope you like these new versions. I also recorded a new original, “Hui ‘Ana”.

Herb Ohta, Jr.

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