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”My son has the knowledge, technique, speed, and sensation.  He has a better knowledge of Hawaiian music than I do.  He also has a different style of playing the ‘ukulele, which is good.  I wouldn’t want him to be a carbon copy of his father.  It seemed like only yesterday when Eddie Kamae, my teacher, my friend told me not to be mechanical “play from your heart” he said and “develop your own style”.  So my son has a lot to look forward to, a lot of living to do, and as he encounters the hardships on a long and winding road ahead, he will grow and become an individual of whom I will be proud.”

Ohta - San
Herb Ohta
”Herb Ohta, Jr., the son of the legendary ‘ukulele artist Ohta-san learned from the master while developing his own unique style.  Herb, Jr. studied Hawaiian music throughout his life, and while he has captured the beauty of ‘ukulele in traditional music, he has ventured beyond the realm of tradition to explore music in other fields.  Herb Jr. is both a craftsmen and an artist.

I have been teaching the ‘ukulele for over 30 years, and have been fortunate to hear many of the greatest ‘ukulele players in the world.  I am certain Herb Ohta, Jr. will join the ranks of the legends.” 

Roy Sakuma
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“Like Father, like son, Herb Ohta, Jr. is the son of Ohta-San.  He has listened well, being surrounded by music, and has distinguished himself as a leading next-generation solo artist.  There’s something quite magical and relaxing about the evocative tones of a trusty ‘ukulele, and Junior has become a master in his own right.”

Wayne Harada
Entertainment Editor, The Honolulu Advertiser
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”For 'ukulele fans who prefer unpretentious technical proficiency over theatrics, Herb Ohta Jr. is the undisputed master 'ukulele instrumentalist of his generation."

John Berger
The Star Advertiser
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“Herb’s love for the music of these islands are evident with his recordings of some of Hawai’i’s traditional island melodies that portrays this inner feeling for his island home.  But it’s Herb’s versatility and ability to adapt to the changing times that will captivate you, the listener, and transport you beyond the deep recess of your mind, an experience you will surely not easily forget.
So, if you may, reminisce with me and let your mind experience the delightful sound of this “magician on the ‘ukulele”, Herb Ohta, Jr.

And the legacy continues…”


Louis “Moon” Kauakahi
Leader / Arranger: The Makaha Sons
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“Herb Ohta, Jr.’s extraordinary and magical ‘ukulele styling takes you on a captivating, sweet, and soothing musical journey that is far-reaching into your listening memory.  He bursts out with unique arrangements of new and familiar tunes and makes each song breathtakingly fresh and definitely his own.  His fortes are his “intros” and “endings” to the songs that he performs.  His “intros” are “teasers” to heighten your listening appreciation to what’s to follow next and culminates at the end with a satisfying and yet catchy finale.
Herb Ohta, Jr. captures the heart and soul of the ‘ukulele and is truly a virtuoso delight.”

Alan Yoshioka
Vice President: Harryʻs Music Store
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"Herb Ohta Jr. is a talent that stands out like a highly polished diamond. A talented musician, composer, ukulele stylist, and teacher, he continues to cross the threshold of musical innovations discovering the unknown regions of the music world where other's have not tread."

Dennis Kamakahi
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“Herb Ohta, Jr. is carrying on the true tradition of the ‘ukulele and I am proud and honored to have been part of one of his recordings.”

Barry Flanagan
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“Don't let the ease with which Herb plays fool you into thinking his music is easy.  Herb has a way of taking the complex and making it sound simple; however, each note is deliberate, and played with razor-sharp precision.
I have known Herb for about 15 years, and I'm amazed to see how far he's come.  And I know it's not by accident.  In business, he is as meticulous as he is when performing.  He is extremely professional and handles his business with integrity. I am proud and honored to work with Herb and I know that there's no telling how far he can go.”

Sharlene Oshiro & Associates, LLC

“Herb's music has a positive, infectious affect on me.  I call his CD - ‘Ukulele Breeze "Happy Music."  Whenever I am in a bad mood or feel like I am in a creative rut, I play Ukulele Breeze.  In no time at all, it lightens my mood and gets my creative juices flowing! You can hear and feel the passion in the way he plays and it has an uplifting affect on my attitude...it inspires me to do what I love and love what I do. He is a true professional and I respect him as both a musician and a businessman.  As a friend, I find him to be very humble and down-to-earth. His quick wit always puts a smile on my face.  With all his talent, it just amazes me that a STAR such as Herb Ohta, Jr. has not let fame go to his head! Herb is so sweet, witty, and gifted that I am HONORED to know him!!

Nicole S. Curtin
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“Herb Ohta, Jr. is one of the few musicians, if not the only, in the world that has reached the enviable level of ‘ukulele enlightenment.  Herb has an exquisitely rich tone, impeccable rhythm and groove, and a vast chordal lexicon qualities that allow him to effortlessly communicate his emotions through his ‘ukulele with heartfelt sincerity and musicality.”

Daniel Ho
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“There is ease to the style of music that Herb plays and though he may not be a man of many words he need not be...his fingers do the talking for him.
Herb continues the tradition of the 'ukulele much like his father, but he follows no one else's shadow...he creates his own style as is evident in his recordings and live performances.  He will undoubtedly be one of Hawai'i's icons when it comes to the 'ukulele and is certainly among the greats associated with this instrument.  He definitely has a lot to share throughout Hawai'i and the World...e ho'omau!!!”


Moon, John, & Jerome
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In 2007, Herb hired me to pull bass on his latest release “Ukulele Journey”.  This was one of the most professional sessions I have had the joy of being a part of.  Herb had all the songs charted out, he knew exactly what he wanted, and as much as I love doing studio work, I don’t like living in a studio…we took 2 hours to complete 9 tracks, mainly because Herb was very prepared. 
I’ve also had the good fortune of touring with him…people said that he’s very quiet and very reserve.  Well I’m here to tell you, “NOT”!  He’s a prankster, ask Susie Kagami.  I had so much fun on this tour.  Herb is a very friendly, comical, giving and most sincere people I have ever met.
Now to his playing; I’ve heard many ukulele players in my time, and Herb is by far the cleanest player I have ever heard.  In fact everyone would comment, “there’s no buzzing or sliding sounds when Herb plays”. 
It is very hard to portray emotion with an instrument, and in my view, I believe either you got it or you don’t’.  The first time I saw Herb play he was performing solo ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, and the people around me were crying.  They felt it as well as I did.  Herb is definitely one of a few musicians that looks at his instrument as an extension of their ‘heart and soul’.
There is a lot more that I can say about this true gentleman, but to me he is first and foremost a great friend…

Nathan Aweau
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I can’t speak highly enough about this man. Herb Ohta Jr. is an amazingly talented ‘ukulele player. Watching Herb play is a joyful experience you’ll never forget. He has excellent technique and his sense of timing is impeccable. His knowledge on Hawaiian music is unmatched. He plays the ‘ukulele so clean and so well that you wouldn't believe what you’re seeing and listening to.

Herb’s combined skill, experience, and love for music definitely makes him a highly qualified ‘ukulele teacher. His love for music is contagious and inspires you to put more time into your own music. It’s undeniable that some people know him from his last name shared with his dad and the ‘ukulele legend, Ohta San, but once you get to know his music,
Herb Ohta Jr. is in a league of his own.

In 2011, Herb’s first performance and workshop in Thailand with Baan ‘Ukulele was highly successful. People are still talking about it today. We’re looking forward to having him back again for more.

Peng Ratchaworapong (MaysaHawaii)
CEO Baan Ukulele


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