"Ka Mea Ho'okani 'Ukulele" By Ohta-San


  1. 01 Waikiki Beach
  2. 02 Blue Lei
  3. 03 Royal Hawaiian Hotel
  4. 04 Pua Lokelau
  5. 05 Poki's Blues
  6. 06 Kainoa
  7. 07 Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi
  8. 08 Poipu I Kauaʻi
  9. 09 My Yellow Ginger Lei
  10. 10 Beautiful Kanani
  11. 11 Manuela Boy
  12. 12 Kanpai

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“Ka Mea Ho‘okani ‘Ukulele” was my first experience recording in the studio. My Father realized that I was serious about music, so he asked me if I wanted to record a few songs on his recording. I was so nervous in the studio. It was not only my first time recording, but my first time ever in a recording studio. It was a wonderful experience. If you listen closely, I am playing a 6-String Kamaka ‘Ukulele on this recording.

Herb Ohta, Jr.

Here is the actual press release for this recording:

HONOLULU, September 10, 1991––It's sort of a 'back to his roots' album for Herbert Ohta, the genius of the ‘ukulele.

After more than 35 albums featuring a variety of music from Hawaiian, pop, jazz, to new age and classical, Ohta–san, has released a new recording of Hawaiian songs. The album, titled KA MEA HO’OKANI ‘UKULELE (SP 9048) was released today on POKI RECORDS.

"This is really a salute to the genius of Herb Ohta," said Lea Uehara, executive producer and President of Tropical Music, Inc. "He has recorded on so many labels and in so many countries and his career has taken him all over the world. This is his seventh release on our label and it is very fitting that he should go back to the music that got him his start."

Ohta–san has enjoyed tremendous success and is recognized worldwide as the premier ‘ukulele virtuoso. He gives credit to his mother, who taught him the basics of playing the ‘ukulele, and to his most influential teacher, Eddie Kamae. Ohta–san has been playing since he was seven; professionally since he was 15. His "Song For Anna" album sold more than two million copies and catapulted him to world fame.

The latest release also brings together some very special people. On vibes is Francis Ho’okano, who has played with Ohta–san since the early sixties. On guitar is Josef Podrouzek, also a veteran of Ohta–san's show band days. Bass is played by Lyle Ritz, a premier studio bassist from L.A. who is also an accomplished jazz ‘ukulele artist. And making his debut on this new release is the next generation of Ohta ‘ukulele virtuosos, Herb Ohta Jr. At 20, he is already an accomplished musician and is featured solo on "Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi."

The album also introduces five of Ohta–san's latest compositions. They are "Po’ipü I Kaua’i," "Pua Lokelau," "Waikïkï Beach," "Poki's Blues," and "Beautiful Kaua’i." Some of Ohta's favorite standards are included "Manuela Boy," "Blue Lei," and "My Yellow Ginger Lei." "Kan Pai," a current hit song in Japan rounds out the fare.

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