"'Ukulele Life" By Herb Ohta, Jr.





  1. 01 Sand Castles DISC 1
  2. 02 Kaʻanapali Sunset DISC 1
  3. 03 White Sandy Beach DISC 1
  4. 04 Paniolo Country DISC 1
  5. 05 Maluhia DISC 1
  6. 06 Can't Help Falling In Love DISC 1
  7. 07 He Aloha No O Honolulu DISC 1
  8. 08 Tropical Delight DISC 1
  9. 09 Holo Waʻa Pā DISC 1
  10. 10 Hawaiian Sky DISC 1
  11. 11 Lēʻahi Morning DISC 1
  12. 12 Sunrise DISC 1
  13. 01 Morning Walk DISC 2
  14. 02 Salena DISC 2
  15. 03 Kanaka Wai Wai DISC 2
  16. 04 Eternal Love DISC 2
  17. 05 Dreaming DISC 2
  18. 06 Moving Forward DISC 2
  19. 07 Tuahine DISC 2
  20. 08 Rainy Days DISC 2
  21. 09 Love Song of Kalua DISC 2
  22. 10 Moonbeam DISC 2
  23. 11 Kauaʻi Beauty DISC 2
  24. 12 Every Breath You Take DISC 2

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Executive Producer: Lele Music Productions & Herb Ohta, Jr.
Producer(s): Herb Ohta, Jr. & DJ Pratt
Recording Engineer: DJ Pratt
Mix: DJ Pratt
Mastering: DJ Pratt
Photography: Kumagai Akira, Jam International
Graphics: Yuko Porter, Media Etc.
Recording Studio: Blue Planet Sound

Jon Yamasato
Wil Tafolo
Jake Shimabukuro


Just like his father, Herb Ohta Jr. never fails to dazzle us with his brilliant mastery of the ukulele. Herb’s legendary work ethic has made him one of the preeminent ukulele artists in the world. His tremendous talent is warmly showcased in “ʻUkulele Life”. Everywhere he goes, Herb Ohta Jr. inspires ukulele players from near and far, young and old -- and certainly all of us at Kamaka Ukulele -- to be our very best.

Fred Kamaka, Jr.
Kamaka Hawaii, Inc.

I have known Herb for many years but only really got to know him well probably the past 5 years. I have always been impressed with his style and clean technique but really got to understand him as a player and as a friend. Herb will bend over backward to help with whatever needs to be done and we are so happy to have him aboard and especially how he can make our instruments breathe such beautiful music! Congrats on another beautiful project!

Chris Kamaka
Kamaka Hawaii, Inc.

The ukulele has always intertwined our family’s history with one being the maker and the other being the musician. Like our fathers we do our best to carry our family’s legacy forward. Instruments and music have brought us together and our relationship has grown beyond that. Herb is not only one of the best ukulele players in the world, but his effortless style transcends through his relationships with his family and friends. His generosity, dedication and loyalty are unsurpassed and I am truly happy that I have been able to experience that.

Mahalo and Aloha
Casey Kamaka
Kamaka Hawaii, Inc.


2020 marks 30 years for me as a professional musician. I started back in 1990 when my father asked me to be featured on one of his recordings. With
ʻUkulele Life, I’ve now released 14 solo recordings, 13 duet recordings, contributions on more than 40 recordings, a songbook in Korea, and two instructional books with Daniel Ho. I never thought that I would be in this business for this long. But I realized over the years, everyone needs music in their life. Whether youʻre a listener or performer, you need music to live. What water is for your body, music is for your spirit and soul. This is why I will never stop sharing.

Herb, Jr.

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